Monday, April 09, 2007

The Matrix

It's while since my last post.
Its about 6 months.

During my latest psychedelic experience, I've been able to see the matrix.

The matrix asks for blood, asks for sacrifice. Sacrifice is needed in order for the whole universe to work.

Just before starting my experience, I was reading the Bhagavadgita. It says:

"Living Entities come into being from food, food is produced from rainfall, rainfall occurs from the performance of sacrifice unto the Supreme Lord, the performance of sacrifice unto the Supreme Lord originates from prescribed vedic activities."

The italian translation translates "vedic activities" with the word "rites".

What will soon happen will be that we won't need to sacrifice any human life anymore. We'll find a solution to this. A free energy possibly.
Until then, sacrifice is needed, for the law of yin and yang is still active and working.
Yin and Yang is the only law.

However, the mushroom god says we have to keep cool, be ready to strike, and be confident we will win in the end.

Love, Peace, Co-Creation, Happyness.