Sunday, September 03, 2006

Two experiences with the sacred medicine

In the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to try my favourite sacred medicine two times. They have been very different experiences.

The first one, very peculiar, took place with my girlfriend ina beautiful natural park, beside the lake's shore. The dosage was quite low becauuse it was the first time we tried the sacred medicine in an open space, in the nature.
The whole experience has been very pleasant, the nature is so beautiful. We have been slightly reckless though, because we took it during late afternoon, therefore at a certain point the night was approaching... and we were a bit scared, no electic light there!!
We knew where we were but got a bit confused, everything getting so dark... fast! Luckily we met an english couple who took us safely towards the nearest village, I wonder if they nnoticed we where a little... weird. I'm not sure they noticed though, because of the language barrier, english is not my mother tongue so I am always a bit hesitating when speaking... however, they took us to this village, passing though an old celtic cemetery... it was very atmospheric, and the couple was so cool.
As a first outdoor experience it has been quite intense... I loved it.

The second experience was just last night. We stayed at home, and passed through very differnt emotions, happiness and despair, as usual. I learned a lot about my current love relation, and my partner too.
We learned the relation is solid yet fragile. It becomes fragile if we don't think about how lucky we are, if we take things for granted, if we get stuck in a habit; we need an equilibrium in the relationship, an equilibrium that goes waaaay beyond habit, an equilibrium that bases itself on our differences.
Last night's teachings have been very important for the two of us.
Never take anything for granted, always work to get better, never rest. It is so important.