Friday, June 23, 2006

The fractal nature of things

Do we all agree here about the fractal nature of the whole creation? I think that if we take this for granted, we can find out most of the solutions to our problems are already there, waiting to be noticed.

We have an issue with our cognitive processes. We are used to linear thinking, and linear thinking is no good. Not anymore at least.

Linear thinking as OPPOSITE to fractal thinking. You could also call it psychedelic thinking I guess, but let's stick to the "fractal" definition, I think it gives more the idea of what this is all about.

I really am convinced that the fractal theory can bring all theories together... yoga, tantra, Buddhism, western philosophies, you name it. The fractal has the answer. This might be what the 2012 is all about. A change in the cognitive process. The understanding of the fractal nature of ALL.

A relatively simple shift in our way of thinking, would lead to a complete de-re-construction of the way we experience reality. Our perception of the time/space dimensions would widen; time would not be seen as a straight line anymore, unfolding possibilities unknown before.
Possibly, we would notice the existence of different dimensions too.

I came to this conclusion after noticing how the fractal repeat itself in such a manner that it makes it impossible NOT to notice it. I mean, the way my body gives me signals when it is sick, the way the world gives us signals of its sickness... the way electrons revolve around the nucleus , the way planets revolve around stars... the way a a full moon cycle lasts 4 weeks, just like the women's period... moon=woman, sun=man... and everything repeating in similar ways. It is truly amazing.
The fractal has answers, we just need the right question. We just need good questions.