Friday, July 21, 2006

How funny would that be?

Yesterday I was thinking something funny.

What if this singularity is true.
Just assume that it is, that it's gonna happen.

Then it is ok to assume, it is something the rich establishment does not want at all. They are conservatives, they love to push back progress.
Some of them are so small minded, they would never understand this singularity thing until they see it in full swing. Maybe they wouldnt unverstand it, even then.
But. Some of them might be aware this is where we're headed to.

Well, because of the system THEY wanted and created (an hypocrit system, based on lies, based on changing reality by telling lies), can you imagine the bush administration, Blair or Prodi, saying to millions (or rather, billions): "Guys, we are going to shut down all research, all computer development, because if not, we're crashing into this singularity that is going to change the way we see reality, forever". Ahahahah can you imagine that? :D
It could never happen.

So, because of their greed and their hypocrisy, we're going to win.

How great would that be?

Just a few years more... we need a real AI then everything will be allright... I hope. I'm optimistic.