Saturday, June 10, 2006

The mushroom

Magic mushrooms (and similar substances, like ayahuasca probably - which i've never tested myself) are a key to the understanding of the fractal around us.
Do we agree about the fractal nature of reality? Have you noticed how everything repeats with the same pattern?
The mushroom speaks to us, and gives us smart questions, the correct ones. Finding answers is difficult and probably impossible.
Good questions are also important, aren't they?
They are the solid base for a good answer.
Which we might or might not find.
I place my bet on the latter option. I doubt we are DESIGNED to understand true reality. Our mind -as it is now - is just not enough, we need something more. We have to go up a notch. Or two.
Will we ever do the evolutionary step needed to understand reality? I doubt this us well. I am certain we will upgrade ouselves though. Only, our upgrade will be a step towards truth, not the truth itself. We'll be able to see more pieces of this huge fractal mosaic - a bit like going from colour blind to a proper colour vision.
Maybe I'm just being optimistic?
I believe mushrooms have helped, are helping, and will help us. They are sacred medicines, we have to love them, understand them, speak with them. For they have plenty to say.